Electric Fencing

Talons High Security Fencing specialize in the supply and installation of Electric Fencing which can provide the ultimate perimeter security for your commercial or rural property.
An Electric Fence can be installed on Garrison, Chain Mesh, Palisade and Colour Bond.

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Garrison Fencing

Garrison Fencing is a popular option for many properties due to its aesthetically good looks and with a standard height at 2.1 meters it offers a high level security solution.
Garrison Fencing can be made available in heights from 1.2m up to 3m in height and powder coated in a variety of colours.

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Chain Wire Fencing

Chain Wire Fencing comes in a range of configurations suitable for various perimeters and locations.
Whether it be a Security Fence or a 1.2m Barrier fence, Talons High Security Fencing can supply and install and where necessary design your Chain Wire fencing requirements.
Chain wire offers a medium security option at a cost effective price.
Chain wire fences can be with or without Top and Bottom Rails, Barb Wire and powder coated.

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Flat Wrap Razor Wire

Flat Wrap Razor Wire provides a high security barrier designed to deter and stop would be trespassers, while providing a neat appearance.
Designed around durability and strength our Flat Wrap Razor Rings are manufactured with a high tensile 2.5mm galvanized core.
A heavy duty clip is used to interlink the rings and provide a seamless 15 meter stretch.
This combination provides a high security barrier which is robust and difficult to cut without specialised tools.

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Razor Mesh

Razor Mesh is exceptionally difficult to climb or cut, it provides an inexpensive solution to a complete high security fence.
Commonly used to protect industrial, commercial, and government properties.
Razor Mesh can easily be installed on an existing chain mesh fence to increase security for your property.

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Palisade Fencing

Palisade is a heavy duty fencing option that is made from steel pickets generally with spikes on the top of each pale to provide a very secure perimeter around commercial properties.
With heights varying from 1.8 up to 3.6m and powder coated in a variety of colours, you can be sure a solution can be made for your site.