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7 Ways to stop criminals

7 Ways to Protect your commercial property against criminals.

As a business owner you are a problem solver but one problem you don’t need, is to worry about criminals and vandals damaging your property. Below are 7 tactics you can use to beat the criminals and quickly improve your security.

  1. Improve Lighting

One of the easiest things you can do to secure your property it to ensure you have the right amount of lighting in the correct places. Criminals will avoid places that are well lit up as it increases their risk of being identified, however having light in the wrong places can also aid criminals. For example by leaving on office lamps you will be making it easier for criminals to scope out your property and identify where valuables such as laptops are kept.

A good practice is to stay at your property until after dark and identify where you need more or less light.

Areas that will greatly benefit from better lighting include:

-The perimeter of your property.

-Entrances to your property.

-Walls and surfaces that are prone to vandalism.

  1. Install Warning Signs

Make it clear to possible intruders that you are taking security seriously. When vandals or thieves see that you have implemented a security system they will move on to find an easier target. Warning signs such as ‘CCTV in Operation”, “Guard Dog on Premises”, or “Warning Electric Fence” can easily be purchased and installed by yourself in a few minutes. Even though it is prudent to have a well integrated security system, these signs are still useful even if you do not have all the security systems they describe as they will deter the opportunistic criminals.

  1. Tidy Up your property

Rubbish, stockpiles and unmaintained bushes are excellent hiding places for criminals. By ensuring your yard and gardens are well maintained it will make it more difficult for intruders to move around your property without being seen. It is especially important to ensure that your fence line is cleared from any objects that could be used as a step on either side of your perimeter. Bins and stockpiles of building material are often used as a method of entering or evading a property before or after a crime.

  1. Install a Camera and Alarm System

Camera and alarm systems are both excellent for deterring and catching intruders. Often just the sight of cctv cameras and an alarm will be enough to ensure criminals don’t target your property. Cameras and alarms can be integrated to the point where you can talk to the intruders over a megaphone if you catch them in the act and an alert will immediately be sent to a security response company who will report to the scene.

  1. Hide Valuables

You already know that you need to advertise the fact that you’re serious about security. But you don’t want to advertise that you have valuable items on your premises. Close your curtains at the end of the day and take extra caution in ensuring valuables are kept out of sight and preferably locked up. If you have large items such as cars or machinery that have to be kept outside, a good method for protecting them is to ensure they are well lit with light and you can install a tripwire that will sound an alarm if they are tampered with.

  1. Lockdown on Long Weekends and Holidays

There is a definite spike in crime targeted to commercial properties over long weekends and holiday periods. Criminals know that there will be less people around constructions site and industrial zones over the holiday breaks and they see this as an opportunity. Next time you close up for an extended break take a few extra precaution before leaving your property. Steps you can take are:

-Tell employees to take any of their own valuables such as tools and laptops home with them.

-Make sure all copies of keys have been accounted for and logged to the people holding them.

-Tidy up your yard.

-Set lights to an automatic timer and ensure sensor lights are working.

-Test your CCTV alarm system and ensure electric gates are working properly.

  1. Install an Electric Fence

Electrical fencing serves as a visual, physical, and emotional deterrent. Criminals can clearly see that you have an electrical fence installed and they know the consequences of trying to enter your property. Most criminals will move on to target an easier property but those who do attempt to break in will be struck with a painful 10 000 volt electrical shock.

The benefits of an electric fence include:

  • Peace of mind while you or your staff are not present.
  • Deters would be intruders.
  • Insurance reduction.
  • Hire options are available.
  • Tax reduction.
  • Not dependent on mains electricity.
  • Cost effective security solution.

Most people look past their security system and become an easy target for criminals but because you’re reading this it means you’re not like most people and your serious about protecting your property. Do you need a hand with securing your property? Or maybe you just want proven, actionable security tactics to implement in your business? Download this free PDF with a self property evaluation sheet and printable checklist, it will ensure that you are on your way to keeping your business protected.

Download your FREE Business Security Self Evaluation Checklist

Download your FREE Business Security Self Evaluation Checklist